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Our Suppliers

Bristol-Myers Squibb works with suppliers – including third-party manufacturers and contractors – to achieve the highest level of quality, expertise, experience and fit with our operating culture. We expect our suppliers to comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

We encourage our major suppliers to align their environmental management systems with the requirements of ISO 14001. We also encourage key suppliers to establish goals that support our Sustainability Goals. In particular, one of our 2015 goals is to develop specific programs and expectations to improve the EHS performance of key suppliers.

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Supply Chain Management

Green Suppliers Network
Bristol-Myers Squibb, in conjunction with other major pharmaceutical companies, became a charter member of the Green Suppliers Network (GSN), a collaborative venture between industry and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, in 2004. With GSN support, suppliers can continuously improve their products and processes, increase energy efficiency, identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize resources and technologies with the aim of eliminating waste.

By 2006, five pharmaceutical suppliers in Puerto Rico completed an evaluation process, which identified over $8 million in annual cost savings and $9 million in one-time savings. Environmental impact improvements included more than 1.5 million gallons of water saved and almost 200,000 pounds of solid waste reduced.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative
Bristol-Myers Squibb worked with other pharmaceutical companies to form and currently supports the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI). In 2007, the PSCI released the Pharmaceutical Industry Principles for Responsible Supply Chain Management. These Principles address ethics, labor, health and safety, environment and related management systems. Bristol-Myers Squibb's third-party manufacturer EHS assessment process is aligned with the Principles, and the company is currently evaluating options for the other areas covered by the Principles.

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act
The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 governs companies that do business in California. The Act was designed to increase the amount of information made available by manufacturers and retailers regarding their efforts to address the issue of slavery and human trafficking, thereby allowing consumers to make better, more informed choices regarding the products they buy and the companies they choose to support. Bristol-Myers Squibb is a strong supporter of human rights globally both in the workplace at our own facilities and in the external pharmaceutical supply chain. Further information can be found in Our California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure.

Contract Employees
Bristol-Myers Squibb uses agencies that provide temporary employees to perform a wide range of services, and our EHS staff is developing guidance that addresses key issues, such as training. EHS personnel also evaluate contracts for maintenance, mailroom, security, cafeteria and other services to make sure that they cover EHS performance issues. A guideline for developing a contractor safety program is published on the company’s internal EHS website.

We plan to actively partner with our key suppliers to identify and implement changes that will reduce the EHS impacts of these key components. We expect to pursue significant energy savings and natural resource conservation through our efforts, as well as improvements to the reliability of our supply chain.

Supplier Evaluations

We regularly monitor key supplier performance through a range of tools, including questionnaires, surveys, reference checks, publicly available information and site visits.

During 2014, Bristol-Myers Squibb conducted 42 EHS evaluations of suppliers and third-party manufacturers.

We may send an EHS questionnaire to third-party manufacturers that manufacture, finish or package Bristol-Myers Squibb products, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates or other critical non-commodity materials.

Based on the results of the questionnaire, we may conduct an on-site evaluation. The evaluation team will make recommendations and then develop and track an action plan for the supplier or contractor.

The questionnaire or site visit may be repeated periodically, based on a quantitative risk model.

Packaging Suppliers
We conducted a supplier survey in Europe to ensure that heavy metals and other dangerous materials were not being used in packaging. The survey also confirmed whether packaging was environmentally recoverable through recycling, energy recovery or composting. Of the 135 responses we received, 133 of the suppliers were in compliance with environmental requirements. In the future, we plan to incorporate these environmental requirements into contracts with packaging suppliers.


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You are leaving to go to the Amylin Job Search and application tool. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This may require a separate login and password than what is used for the Bristol-Myers Squibb search and application process.