Bristol-Myers Squibb: Sustainability

At Bristol-Myers Squibb, sustainability means conducting our business to help patients prevail over serious diseases in a manner that contributes to economic growth, social responsibility and a healthy environment now and in the future.

Patients are at the center of everything we do, and our work is focused on the development of innovative medicines that deliver value to patients and broader society. To do so in a sustainable manner requires continued investment in research and development that seeks to uncover transformative approaches to treating serious diseases. At the same time, we aim to broaden access to medicines by collaborating with various facets of healthcare systems globally to build capacity to care for patients, including creative approaches to address affordability.

We recognize that underpinning our research and commercial activity is a responsibility to support our employees and the health and viability of our supply chain, the communities where we operate, the environment and returns to our shareholders. A long-term perspective on these responsibilities and emerging issues aligns with the development cycle required to bring new medicines to patients.

In this section we address our Sustainability 2020 Goals and progress driven by our Sustainability 2015 Goals. We also provide background on many other aspects of our approach to sustainability as a responsible corporate citizen. We seek to earn the trust of our stakeholders by providing insight on our operations. We also value your opinion and appreciate your feedback on any aspect of our sustainability performance.

Environmental Performance
Implementing responsible manufacturing practices that conserve energy and natural resources.
Being a good neighbor in communities worldwide, while providing access to essential medicines.
Economic Responsibility
Helping patients prevail over serious diseases while increasing shareholder value.
Sustainability Issues
Identifying and addressing our key sustainability issues through stakeholder engagement and business strategy.
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