Bristol-Myers Squibb: Major R&D Locations
Major R&D Locations

Bristol-Myers Squibb's drug discovery and development work takes place across a network of state-of the-art facilities worldwide.

Bangalore, India

The Biocon Bristol-Myers Squibb Research & Development Center (BBRC) is a collaboration between Bristol-Myers Squibb and Syngene International, a Biocon- group company, and is based in Bangalore, India. Fully operational since 2009, the site is involved in Target Identification, Lead Discovery and Lead Optimization all the way through to early stage Pharmaceutical Development and Clinical Biomarkers R&D.

Braine-L'Alleud, Belgium

Bristol-Myers Squibb's European R&D operations have been based here since 2003. Employees work in eight buildings located in an office park set in the countryside.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

In Cambridge, Bristol-Myers Squibb scientists will focus on the company’s ongoing discovery efforts, molecular discovery technologies and discovery platform chemistry in state-of-the-art lab space. The new research site is expected to open in 2018.

Hopewell, New Jersey

Acquired in 1997, some of the company's most important drug discovery work takes place at this 433-acre site. Eight major buildings reside on the site, totaling 800,000 square feet.

Moreton, England

The 11.2 acre research facility is located on the Wirral Peninsula between Chester and Liverpool. Scientists here investigate new medicinal compounds and how they can be manufactured efficiently on a commercial scale.

New Brunswick, New Jersey

Purchased in 1905 when E.R. Squibb & Sons relocated operations from Brooklyn, New York, this campus has 40 buildings that total 1.9 million square feet on 96 acres. The site has evolved from a manufacturing site to become Bristol-Myers Squibb's center for excellence for our therapeutic compounds.

Plainsboro, New Jersey

This 106-acre facility opened in 1992 and is the headquarters of Bristol-Myers Squibb's U.S. Operations and R&D U.S. Medical Affairs Group. Three five-story office buildings total 680,000 square feet.

Princeton Pike, New Jersey

The newly constructed 650,000-square foot facility opened November 2016 and houses employees from the Commercial teams, their commercialization and late-stage development partners from R&D and GMS and their enabling function support teams.

Lawrenceville, New Jersey

The 276-acre campus serves as Bristol-Myers Squibb's R&D headquarters. Here scientists discover and develop medicines in the areas of cancer, immunology, and cardiovascular diseases. The campus has 13 connected buildings totaling 1.5 million square feet.

Rueil-Malmaison, France

Bristol-Myers Squibb's European and French headquarters located 45 minutes from downtown Paris. The building, opened in August 2002, was designed by internationally recognized architect Jean-Paul Viguier.

San Francisco Bay Area, California

The 256,000 square foot Bay Area research facility houses biologics drug discovery activities focused on antibody therapeutics. The Redwood City location provides proximity to major biomedical research centers such as UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and Stanford University.

Seattle, Washington

A renewed Seattle landmark steam plant now provides a high-tech home for ZymoGenetics, a biotechnology firm acquired by Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2010. ZymoGenetics discovers and develops therapeutic proteins for the prevention and treatment of serious diseases.

Tokyo, Japan

Since 1995, Bristol-Myers Squibb has occupied 76,000 square feet of an office building in Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo.

Wallingford, Connecticut

This research facility was established in 1986 and the R&D employees located here are dedicated to discovering and developing medicines.

Waltham, Massachusetts

The Waltham facility is a discovery site which supports the identification and optimization of drug candidates across modalities in Discovery R&D.


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You are leaving to go to the Amylin Job Search and application tool. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: This may require a separate login and password than what is used for the Bristol-Myers Squibb search and application process.