Bristol-Myers Squibb: Counterfeit Drugs
Counterfeit Drugs
Bristol-Myers Squibb is committed to ensuring the safety and integrity of its products as part of its mission to help patients prevail against serious diseases.

Counterfeit drugs and product tampering, theft or diversion represent a threat to providing our customers with the safest, most effective and highest quality products. There is no single solution to this issue; however, Bristol-Myers Squibb has efforts in place to help ensure the integrity of our products within the supply chain and further patient safety:

  • An integrated team addresses counterfeiting, product tampering, theft and diversion issues
  • Security technologies to make our packaging and products less vulnerable to counterfeiting and to secure their movement within the supply chain
  • Participation in industry coalitions and organizations addressing this issue
  • Collaboration with supply chain vendors and law enforcement agencies on product security matters
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